let’s work as a team

  • After installing the software « Magic photo desktop »,  a specific software designed by myself, you will be able to sort, classify, annotate your photos and make selections in no time at all. It will be a real pleasure for you to gather all your photos. Then, all you have to do is to send me an export file and I will do the work for you.
  • All your photos will be stored in one place and you will also be able to export the most beautiful ones directly to the cloud.

Once your photos collected via the export file, I will create for you :

  • beautiful custom-made books,  travel books, wedding books, etc.
  • biographical books
  • web galleries
  • family trees
  • photo collages

Let’s meet up through a Web conferencing consultation

During this convivial moment, we will discuss about your main issues concerning photo organisation, and will show you how simple it is to manage its photo with Magic photo Desktop, the simple but powerfull software I have developped. you will quickly realize how much time you can save with this type of tool.

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Photo organizing

Concerning photo organizing, you will find on the market plenty of software to perform these kinds of tasks, such as Adobe Lightroom, etc.  But this type of software is often oversized for your needs. Thanks to my free software « Magic Photo Desktop », you will be able to exploit features at 100% because it is simple, powerful, and completely adapted to your basic needs of sorting.

It is nice to have a hierarchical folder structure at the desktop level but you are quickly confronted with recurring and time-consuming problems as soon as you want to do more advanced or selective research. For example, how to proceed when you want to make a selection of photos in several folders or search for photos by keyword to group photos of different familly members?

With « Magic Photo Desktop », you will be able to have a global view of all your photo folders, prepare selections for books, prints, digital photo collages and get all the power of searching in a database by keyword or text.

More info about photo organizing

Custom photo books

You don’t have time enough to sort , comment your photos and display them on a book.

We offfer you  a new concept of books mixing traditional printing and new technology

You will get a

  • a nice designed printed book
  • your book shared on line for your friends and familly far from you
  • QR code printed on page reffering to nice web gallery to illustrate a topic  of the book
  • Possibility to insert original genealogic tree
  • Possibility to add on line guest book to share comments

more info about custom photo books

Biographic books

The biographical photo book is a photo book intended to retrace a life or that of a loved one in photos.

It includes :

  • One or more volumes
  • Inside pages  » gallery painting  » in the manner of a famous comic book.
  • The possibility to integrate a family tree
  • A printed book and an online sharable book
  • QR codes that allow direct access to narrative web galleries

More info about biographic books

Web gallery

The creation of web galleries requires first to select photos, text and then to drag and drop or import them into dedicated applications, an operation that can be quite time consuming.

With  « Magic Photo Desktop », once your selections are created, your text annotated, a single click allows you to generate in a few seconds all files with text and photos.  I can then generate the web gallery for you very easily.

One again, this is the main advantage of « Magic Photo Desktop ». You just have one software to centralize and sort all your photos and then it is very easy to produce output for books, webgaleries, photo collage, etc

More info about web galleries

Familly posters

Imagine beautiful digital collages to enhance your family photos. Many formats are available. We can even offer you giant posters with more than 200 photos.
These beautiful gift and decoration ideas will make your loved ones happy!

In the form of original compositions, of figures, you will inevitably find the model which corresponds to you

More info about familly poster

Genalogic trees

You wish to create a family tree with an elegant graphic design that will allow you to represent your family over several generations.
Simply select the corresponding photos and we will provide you with the digital file for printing a beautiful poster.

More info about genealogic trees