The realization of a family biography is a long-term work that requires long hours of interviewing, compiling and writing. During this period, due to the lack of space in the final book, you are certainly led to put aside many photos that have a very strong narrative value.
With our biographical photo book offer, we put at your disposal tools and services that allow a collaborative work with many enrichments compared to the simple classic printed book.
The family history is then presented in a complete package using both traditional printing methods and modern internet tools, thus sublimating the final result.

Original cover page

We offer you cover pages that are out of the ordinary with the use of different pell-mell compositions.

An original layout for the inside cover

A biography tells a story that may span several generations with a whole host of characters as participants. In the manner of a famous comic book, we propose to insert a gallery of photos that presents family members and ancestors in an original format.

Pell-mell compositions

Disseminated in your publication, these layouts will illustrate the family history in an original form.

A design family tree

It is not easy to present a family tree in a format that is both synthetic and design. With this 6 generation arched format, you can present a captivating and original family layout.

Integration of QR code

During the production of a biographical work, one often alludes to family events, anecdotes that deserve to be given greater visibility. With QR code inserted at key moments, you will give readers the opportunity to view beautiful web galleries to better immerse themselves in the family history.

Your biographic photo book in pdf format and shared on the internet

A printed book is good for keeping a written trace and a beautiful object but it can also be useful to share it on the Internet.

We propose you a process of transformation of your book in pdf format by enriching it with many interactive links to take full advantage of all the photographic memories available in the family. Icons displayed on the pages indicate when web galleries or other documents are available in the book.

We also offer the possibility for readers of the book to leave their comments on a guestbook.