You want to make a personalized photo album to offerto grandparents, but you don’t have the time… As a result, the project does not get done.
You loved your last trip, but you have so many pictures that you keep putting off sorting them and putting so many photos on the page to make a book.
You feel guilty because you’ve made a baby photo album for your older brother or sister, but you keep putting off making one for his or her younger brother or sister…

I can help you !

Your photographs are your jewels. Some of them represent your most beautiful emotions and they deserve to be published in book form.

Our mission: to allow you to relive your best memories, through your carefully chosen photos, nicely staged in a quality album.

You just have to select your photo with « Photo Magic Desktop » and we take car of the layout.

How it works

  1. Describe your photo album project
    We exchange with you to collect your needs concerning your photo book, then we send you a quote. After receiving a 30% deposit, we start your model.

  2. Send us your photos either by using my software « Magic desktop photo » or  just by dragging them on a shared folder

  3. One week later, discover the digital mock-up of your photo album. This is the moment to ask for your possible modifications, to transmit your texts to be inserted, then to validate.

  4. Receive your personalised photo book at home within 10 to 15 working days after your validation of the model.

Our different photo book offers


Tell your journey in a photo book
You have made a beautiful trip and taken many photographs? That would require a good sorting and, considering the quantity of images, you gave up making an album!

You have kept a blog during a world tour and, as you are going to close it, you would like to make a book out of it in order not to lose the memories that are told in it?

Solutions exist: have your book made by professionals, we can take your blog texts and insert them with your pictures, and you can even let us sort the pictures…

Our service :

  • select the most aesthetic photos,
  • make a map illustrating your itinerary,
  • insert your travel stories if you have kept a blog,
    and turn it into a beautiful album that will showcase your photos and memories.

The link to a web gallery
often when you make a book, you get a little frustrated because you couldn’t insert all the pictures you wanted. We propose you a very nice feature that will allow you to insert in the book a QR code referring to a web gallery. Thanks to « Magic photo desktop », it will be very easy for you to prepare all the photos and text you want to add to this gallery.


You see your children growing up and still haven’t had time to make the family photo album they love to look at !

Be zen… we create your family album for you! After listening to your needs and instructions, we take charge of making your family photo book. Don’t feel guilty anymore and free yourself from this mental burden with an expert: we have already created a large number of family albums.

Your children will be delighted, and you: relieved!


Relive every moment of your wedding in a superb photo book like no other. This unique object will enchant you with :

  • A neat and original layout
  • a guestbook that will gather all the testimonies of love and friendship from your family and guests
  • QR code poster with links to great photo galleries